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Chalmers International is a publisher of psychometric assessments, professional development workshops and executive coaching programmes. We distribute globally through our hand-selected partner network to clients who share our value of developing personal excellence in the workplace.

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We provide organisations with leading psychometric assessments through the flowprofiler® family. Organisations enjoy rich insights with actionable outcomes across resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence. Our assessments are designed for use in professional development and recruitment. In addition, we design and distribute executive-level short courses across business communication and thinking skills. Our ‘on the ground’ partner network deliver to our high standards of quality and values ensuring real solutions to organisational challenges.

Where we make a difference:

Talent management

Develop the emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation of your people to create stronger all-round performers. Develop competencies in communication, decision-making and facilitation skills. Invest in future leaders.

Focus on people

Stronger job-fit. Create a sustainable resilient human resource plan. Develop self-aware and mature behaving employees with our flowprofiler® portfolio.

Workplace culture

Professional relationships and team working are improved through increased social intelligence, awareness and self-regulation. Strong collaboration and communication skills underpin workplace culture. Training such as ThinkSpeak and Engage Your Reader set a standard within the organisation.

Employee well-being

flowprofiler® training and coaching supports an individual to develop their emotional intelligence and personal resilience. These areas are essential to employee wellness and well-being.

Organisational resilience

A company that has a culture of organisational resilience has the tenacity to thrive, innovate and move confidently into the future. This starts with the individuals in that organisation. See resilienceflow® and training.

Change management

flowprofiler® encourages people to be optimistic, adaptable, self-sufficient and motivated. Essential to any change management programme.

Strong leadership

Strong leaders are self-aware, self-regulated, able to build strong relationships in the workplace, are resilient and motivated. Our training, coaching and assessments support this initiative.

Employee engagement

A person must be motivated to be engaged in the workplace. Individuals need to be self-aware, accountable to themselves and take ownership for how they feel and manage situations. flowprofiler® supports these objectives.

Organisational health

A healthy organisation has strong leadership, is resilient, motivated, future-focused, mature and motivated. flowprofiler® supports organisational health. Develop personal excellence across your organisation.

Employee value proposition

Add real value for your people. Differentiate your organisation as an employer of choice with professional development opportunities that will benefit all aspects of your employee’s personal and professional life.

Our psychometric assessments, surveys, training workshops and flowprofiler® platform provide organisations with what they need to build:

  • Resilient organisational culture
  • Focus on people
  • Strong leadership
  • Clear focus on the future

These key areas underpin initiatives such as a positive workplace culture, workplace effectiveness, employee well-being, organisational health and change management. The flexibility of our portfolio makes it easy to adapt based on the strategic objectives of the client. Our partners can offer a multitude of tailored solutions designed to match client objectives, giving them an advantage over the less flexible competition.

Our philosophies

Investing in your professional development should be satisfying.

There is no such thing as the wrong person, just the wrong job.

Life is better with engaging professional development.

Everyone deserves a chance to explore personal excellence.

Finding balance professionally will help you find balance personally.

We deliver flexibility

Pricing | Delivery | Materials | Learning | Trainers

Pricing that fits

Every business has different priorities. We offer our partners pricing that is flexible so they can offer solutions that align with the objectives of their clients.

Delivery solutions

  • We offer our partners local print-on-demand services meaning less cost, local delivery, reduced packaging, no import taxes & zero air miles.
  • We offer digital alternatives to paper workbooks where preferred.
  • All of our online tools are device ready, meaning users can access them on desktops and smart phones alike.

Interactive materials

Our professional development materials are interactive and visually appealing resulting in learner engagement. Our high quality workbooks are full of reference material, learning exercises and reflect the classroom experience.

Outstanding trainers

All trainers in our network are certified, experienced professionals. They undergo a formal certification programme. This ensures that they are experts in their subject matter and can deliver a quality learning experience. They combine their strong business acumen with an engaging delivery style.

Valuable insights
Engaging materials
Better professional development
Device friendly
Learner engagement
Test validity

Our values

Respect | Quality | Integrity | Attitude


We respect the journey of the individual.


We deliver quality research, assessments, reports, user experience, training and materials.


We do what we say we are going to do honestly, and to the best of our abilities.


We bring the best version of ourselves to everything we do.