Hybrid working or work from anywhere policies are a reality for many of us. The transition has presented leaders with real challenges around productivity, engagement, and morale.

We interviewed Kim Crump, HR Business Partner, OneServe, to find out how they were using flowprofiler® to support their people.

About OneServe

OneServe logoOneServe are experienced users of psychometric assessments.

They use the flowprofiler® portfolio in both recruitment and development.

OneServe are a field service management software business and help their clients manage field-based teams.

We asked Kim: “What drove your interest in flowprofiler®?”

“Initially, resilience drove my interest. I felt there was an opportunity with our leadership team and their ability to bounce back from difficult challenges both day-to-day business as usual and with what was going on externally.

I was picking up the behaviours all online. There was just a feeling that self-esteem was quite low, and a negativity was creeping in. We needed to develop a ‘go-getter’ attitude.

I had some discussions with the executive team and the word

resilience just kept coming through, this ability to bounce back from difficult times. The ability to really focus on what needed to be done and really focus on success.

I really like that flowprofiler® measures resilience,
EQ and motivation.

These dimensions align well with our values.”

– Kim Crump, HR Business Partner

We asked Kim: “What is approach does OneServe take to hybrid working and what role does flowprofiler® play?”

“I think a lot of it boils down to trust. It’s trusting our employees to work in a way in which facilitates the needs of the business and to allow them to perform and allow our managers to measure that productivity. But also, because there is such a focus and OneServe is really behind this at work life balance, we know people have got lives outside of work.

As line managers, you can really look at the dimensions, look at the scores, look at their zones. Good leadership is adapting!

As a leader, you must adapt. You can’t have the same leadership style for all of your team. We’re all different. We all will react differently to reward. We all will react differently to wellbeing. To have that insight into how people are day to day and under pressure can really help our leaders motivate, manage and set objectives.”

– Kim Crump, HR Business Partner

In this video Kim speaks about her experience using flowprofiler® and the impact it has on hybrid working.

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