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motivationflow® is an online normative psychometric assessment that measures an individual’s motivation in the workplace across 7 dimensions.

motivationflow® produces the following reports:

  • Development: designed for individuals. For use in training and coaching.
  • Management: designed for the manager or coach. This report includes a behavioural summary and probing questions.
  • Interview: designed for use in interviews and full of questions to assess a candidate’s self-awareness and inclination towards self-development.
  • Candidate/Personal: for use by the individual for awareness and feedback.

Unique Features:

Detailed measure: motivationflow® uniquely measures across 7 dimensions of motivation.

Deep insight: motivationflow® measures both day-to-day and when under pressure.

Clear feedback: reports highlight potential overused and underused dimensions offering clear focus for development.

Easy to read: Our unique motivationflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

Personal Benefits:

  • Greater engagement.
  • Self-sufficiency.
  • Better teamwork.
  • Stronger professional relationships.
  • Increased professional growth.
  • Empowerment.
  • Improved well-being.

motivationflow® provides insight into the user’s well-being and their attitude towards work-life balance. It will provide guidance in how the user derives meaning from the work they do and to what degree they value their contribution to the organisation.

Through the unique motivationflow® indicator, users gain a visual insight into overused and underused dimensions both day-to-day and under pressure.

motivationflow® measures a person’s attitude to personal and professional growth.  It will offer guidance into how a person perceives recognition and reward as a source of motivation. This tool will provide feedback on how much control over their work they enjoy and to what extent they value and nurture relationships within the workplace.

Administrators using will be able to generate a composite of several profiles that can be used for team measurement.

The motivation advantage with motivationflow® is our motivation workshop that can be delivered as an individual or team day. In this workshop each learner develops self-awareness and self-management strategies to engage and stay motivated.

Every learner receives their motivationflow® development report and full workbook. Team days include a wall chart of the team’s profile.

Benefits of motivationflow®

Greater engagement

A key source of engagement is identifying where a person derives purpose and meaning in the work that they do. motivationflow® encourages an individual to identify what drives and therefore engages them.


When a person feels motivated at work they feel empowered to make decisions, manage their workload and teams. motivationflow® nurtures this key driver of top performance.


Having a preference to retain personal control, people who are strong in this area have an influence over how they structure their work and day. They are energised when they have control over how and when they complete their work. They like to organise their workload in a way that suits them and typically are capable of self-managing.

Professional growth

Self-aware professionals consistently outperform their peers. They understand the importance of being open to professional development. With motivationflow® they have insights into what engages them in the workplace. The result is a healthy attitude towards the rewards a  workplace can offer.

Better teamwork and stronger professional relationships

motivationflow® encourages better team working. This instrument highlights the benefits of collaboration and the importance of being part of a group or team. It motivates the user to consider the merit of taking time to invest in workplace relationships. It encourages one to undertake networking and relationship-building opportunities and to value professional connections.

A key feature of staying motivated at work is quality of the relationships you have when you get there. motivationflow® highlights the importance of nurturing these connections and creating a pleasant productive environment for everyone to contribute equally.

Improved well-being

With a focus on well-being, motivationflow® encourages users to seek a positive and healthy balance in their work and personal life.

Users are encouraged to take responsibility for healthy practices in their professional and personal lives. This includes aspects of personal care, work-life balance, exercise and nutrition. It also concerns itself with the well-being of others and asks those who are naturally strong in the area to take a leadership role and encourage others.

What does motivationflow® measure?

Autonomy: is feeling empowered. Organising one’s own workload. Taking control of one’s work and being self-sufficient.

Purpose: includes being energised by purpose and appreciative of feedback. It is the ability to monitor one’s results and performance. It is a desire to want to make a difference.

Growth: involves a focus on personal development. Actively seeking opportunities for growth. Enjoying being challenged. Benchmarking oneself against high performers.

Recognition: is recognising the performance of others. Openly praising high quality of work and appreciating positive feedback. It is also responding well to praise and recognition.

Reward: involves being motivated by reward. Being competitive to achieve results. Being single-minded and seeking to improve one’s performance.

Well-Being:  includes enjoying healthy pursuits. Having motivation to achieve a balance between personal and work life. It includes taking time out of the office to re-energise and encouraging colleagues to focus on their well-being.

Collaboration: involves enjoying working closely with colleagues. Being motivated by a sense of belonging. It is also about building close and meaningful relationships and looking for opportunities to network.

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