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The flowprofiler® is an online psychometric assessment that measures across 18 dimensions. It uniquely assesses resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. The result is easy to understand reports that users, coaches, managers and recruiters can adopt as part of any professional development plan or recruitment campaign.

The nature of the flowprofiler® and its well-rounded approach makes it a great tool for any leadership programme. We recommend using the flowprofiler® in our coaching with flowprofiler® sessions because of the variety of dimensions measured.

Unique Features:

Broad measure: the flowprofiler® uniquely measures across emotional intelligence, social intelligence, resilience and motivation.

Deep insight: the flowprofiler® measures across 18 dimensions both day-to-day and under pressure.

Clear feedback: reports highlight potential overused and underused dimensions offering clear focus for development.

Easy to read: Our unique flowprofiler® indicator gives a snapshot of progress.

Personal Benefits:

  • Increased personal effectiveness.
  • Focus on key leadership competencies.
  • Enhanced gravitas, resilience and social competence.
  • Increased leadership ability.
  • Develop your personal intelligences.

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