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This group of talented businesses share our value of developing and driving personal excellence in the workplace.


UK and Ireland

We believe that everyone deserves to be part of an effective workplace. In order for an organisation to be productive and effective, it must engage in individual and team development.

For us, an employee is an organisation’s greatest asset and we believe that everyone has the ability to develop and prosper, with the support of professional guidance.

That’s where our product portfolio comes in.

From thinking to creativity, presenting to accounting, we offer a series of products and services that nurture and develop an organisation’s people right from the beginning of the employee life cycle.

Our Psychometric Assessment Tools and extensive Professional Development Training Series provide organisations with the means to develop in the key areas that are vital to the process of becoming a truly effective workplace.

Why we like the flowprofiler® family?

flowprofiler® offers a new way of identifying the strengths of your candidates, teams and leaders. Ground-breaking in the fields of Emotional/Social Intelligence, Resilience and Motivation, the tools and associated training offer organisations the ability to understand their people like never before.

Be ambitious for the future of your organisation.
Develop the tenacity to survive and thrive.
Create a shared vision for your people to engage with.
Sustainably curate your talent.

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We are all about developing personal excellence in the workplace. This is why we developed the flowprofiler® family of assessments, coaching and training workshops.

Chalmers International

The flowprofiler® family helps individuals develop self-awareness in how they behave both day-to-day and under pressure. Armed with this information they can begin to observe the impact their behaviour has. This in turn allows them to evaluate the results they are getting to see if there are any changes they would like to, or should make.

A great use of our reports, training and coaching is to treat the areas measured as abilities that can be developed. As people develop they are able to adapt to a variety of situations, and in turn benefit from their efforts.

We wish everyone success in their pursuit of personal excellence in the workplace!

Who are we?

We are Beck and Iain Chalmers and we lead the charge at Chalmers International.

We developed the flowprofiler® family because clients were reporting a need for people who are self-aware, resilient and motivated in the workplace. We have over 40 years’ combined experience in psychometric testing, professional development, workshop design and delivery.

We are excited to bring you the flowprofiler family through our expert partner network who share our vision of personal excellence in the workplace.

Become a Partner

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner of Chalmers International. We are looking for established businesses with an existing portfolio and administrative support that share our passion for personal excellence in the workplace through professional development.