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Measure emotional intelligence at work with eqflow®. eqflow® is an online psychometric assessment that measures an individual’s emotional and social intelligence in the workplace across 5 dimensions.

eqflow® produces the following reports:

  • Development: designed for individuals. For use in training and coaching.
  • Management: designed for the manager or coach. This report includes a behavioural summary and probing questions.
  • Interview: designed for use in interviews and full of questions to assess a candidate’s self-awareness and inclination towards self-development.
  • Candidate/Personal: for use by the individual for awareness and feedback.
  • Team: get teams talking and collectively improve their emotional intelligence at work.

Unique Features:

Detailed measure: eqflow® uniquely measures across emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

Deep insight: eqflow® measures across 5 dimensions both on a good day and a bad day indicating performance under pressure.

Clear feedback: reports highlight potential overused and underused dimensions offering clear focus for development.

Easy to read: Our unique eqflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potentially overused and underused dimensions.

Personal Benefits:

  • Increased personal effectiveness.
  • Improved relationships at work.
  • Enhanced well-being.
  • Greater personal resilience.
  • Essential leadership skills.

Benefits of eqflow®

Increased personal effectiveness

Highly effective people work to develop their social intelligence. They know that by doing so they increase their personal effectiveness. They find it easier to navigate day-to-day business tasks because they increase their ability to manage relationships by developing their awareness and regard for other people. They take advantage of the opportunity to network and to build advantageous commercial relationships.  Effective people develop their emotional intelligence improving their awareness of how they are feeling, why they are feeling it and what they can do about it. Developing emotional intelligence at work will support the individual personally and professionally.

Improved relationships

Improving relationships in the workplace starts with taking an interest in your colleagues. Asking questions, making an effort to be part of the team and seeking opportunities to network are key ways to improve relationships at work.  Those wishing to explore ways to improve workplace relationships can do so during their eqflow® training, the emotional intelligence advantage or coaching.

Enhanced well-being

People who benefit from a high state of personal well-being take time out to explore their personal drivers and identify what engages them. They understand that this is a critical aspect of developing personal well-being. These people understand that it is a journey to develop a positive mindset in order to seek a greater sense of balance in one’s life.  Through building ways to enhance personal resilience and increase one’s self-regard, users can explore how to improve their overall well-being.

Greater personal resilience

Resilient people recognise and manage their emotions. They are able to regulate their emotions and demonstrate consistent emotional responses during difficult times. They work on relationships within the workplace and value the advice and input of others.  Resilient people are optimistic, curious, have a healthy self-esteem and are able to bounce back from difficult situations. They deal with difficulties one step at a time. They are adaptable and assertive.

What does eqflow® measure?

eqflow® psychometric assessment

Emotional Intelligence: is a combination of self-confidence, emotional regulation and emotional awareness. In other words, how highly do you regard yourself? Are you aware of and in touch with your emotions and are you able to modify and regulate your behaviour when appropriate?

Self-Confidence: involves having self-belief, being self-assured, self-reliant and unfazed by challenge.

Emotional Regulation: is the ability to appropriately manage responses to emotional situations, remain upbeat under pressure, regulate and control behaviour and be emotionally consistent.

Emotional Awareness: includes being able to connect with one’s emotions and being mindful of oneself and others. It involves the ability to be reflective and intuitive. It also refers to being genuine.

Social Intelligence: is a combination of a regard for others, social awareness and relationship management. In other words, does a person have trust and confidence in others? Are they aware of the feelings and emotions of others? Can they adapt to these signals? Are they able to build meaningful relationships?

Regard for Others: is having confidence in others, being trusting of colleagues, valuing colleagues and being supportive and kind.

Social Awareness: includes being observant and attentive, identifying changes in the mood of others and being considerate. It is also being attentive to the needs of others.

Measure emotional intelligence in recruitment with eqflow®

 Use eqflow® in your recruitment campaign to add valuable insights into how a candidate’s behaviour is likely to manifest itself in the workplace.

Use this psychometric assessment in conjunction with your existing personality profiling instrument for:

  • Greater job-fit
  • Insight into likely on the job behaviour
  • Increase chance of success in the role
  • Stronger alignment with organisational values and culture

eqflow® measures the 5 dimensions emotional and social intelligences.

Dimensions are akin to observable behaviours. Like all behavioural based recruitment campaigns, emotional intelligence can be introduced in addition to your existing rigorous interview processes to give your organisation the best chance of placing a successful candidate.

A successful recruitment campaign is all about recruiting for:

  • Aptitude: do they have the skills and education to do the job?
  • Attitude: do they have the right values and a keenness to do a great job?
  • Approach: de they have the behavioural competencies to meet the demand of the role?

The flowprofiler® guide to recruitment

Use the 3 As in your recruitment campaign to ensure a comprehensive, fair and effective process when recruiting your future super stars.

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Develop emotional and social intelligence for personal excellence with eqflow®

There are many ways in which you can support the development of the emotional intelligence of your people.

We offer training workshops, executive coaching, facilitated team sessions, trainer certifications and mentoring. All can be delivered both face to face and virtually.

We focus on developing an individual’s self-awareness and self-management strategies for stronger outcomes in the workplace. Using a psychometric assessment such as eqflow® will provide a clear focus for development.

Please reach out to us at info@chalmersinternational.com so we can discuss your requirements.

The emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow® is our emotional intelligence workshop that can be delivered as an individual or team day. In this workshop each learner develops self-awareness and self-management strategies across emotional and social intelligence.

Every learner receives their eqflow® psychometric assessment development report and full workbook. Team days include a wall chart of the team’s profile.

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