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The flowprofiler® is an online psychometric test that measures across 18 dimensions. It uniquely assesses resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. The result is easy to understand reports that users, coaches, managers and recruiters can adopt as part of any professional development plan or recruitment campaign.

The nature of the flowprofiler® and its well-rounded approach makes it a great tool for any leadership programme.

We recommend using the flowprofiler® in our coaching with flowprofiler® sessions because of the variety of dimensions measured.

flowprofiler® is designed for use in recruitment and development ensuring maximum flexibility in how organisations use this psychometric test.

flowprofiler® uniquely assesses across 2 states, day-to-day and under pressure. The comparison allows for rich insight on a person’s behaviour and how they utilise adaptive strategies in the workplace.

the flowprofiler® psychometric test

Unique Features:

Broad measure: the flowprofiler® uniquely measures across emotional intelligence, social intelligence, resilience and motivation.

Deep insight: the flowprofiler® measures across 18 dimensions both day-to-day and under pressure.

Clear feedback: reports highlight potential overused and underused dimensions offering clear focus for development.

Easy to read: Our unique flowprofiler® indicator gives a snapshot of progress.

Personal Benefits:

  • Increased personal effectiveness.
  • Focus on key leadership competencies.
  • Enhanced gravitas, resilience and social competence.
  • Increased leadership ability.
  • Develop your personal intelligences.

The flowprofiler® is a psychometric test that measures across a mighty 18 dimensions (mostly observable behaviours) of resilience, motivation, social and emotional intelligence.

The 5 dimensions of emotional and social intelligence are represented in our psychometric assessment eqflow®. eqflow® provides the rich performance insight required in so many roles today as employer work to balance the strength or IQ with EQ, find better job-fit and look for empathetic leaders who are most likely to take the organisation into  a prosperous future.

The  7 motivation drivers that are measured are drawn from our specialist psychometric test called motivationflow®. Motivation is a significant factor in identify what engages a person in the workplace. The insights provided are also invaluable in an interview situation as you not only look to for a candidate who can best fit with the culture and values of an organisation but for someone who can self-manage the motivational needs of others. This superpower is especially important in leaders, new and seasoned.

The flowprofiler® measures 6 dimensions that underpin resilience in the workplace. These are taken from our occupational assessment resilienceflow®. Resilience is key to change management, project management, self-management, a person’s ability to adapt and demonstrate creativity in the role, to speak up when it counts to the decisions they make and whether or not they have a positive mindset during adversity. We are yet to come across a role where these behaviours are not desired.

The combination of the factors of resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence makes the flowprofiler® perfectly positioned for development programmes and interventions that seek to bring a new perspective and rich insights into performance success.

The flowprofiler® in recruitment

Use the flowprofiler® in recruitment and add rigour to your behavioural based recruitment campaign. People are more than a set of numbers. With flowprofiler® you are assessing candidates in a holistic way. The more data points of information you can explore about the candidate the greater the chance of successful job-fit.

flowprofiler® is the perfect complement to existing personality profiling instruments. Measuring resilience, EQ and a person’s motivation drivers provides recruiters with the ‘colour’ that works to inform how personality traits will manifest themselves in the workplace.

Take for example the Dominance trait. Most users of personality profiling tools will understand the likely impact on behaviour of a High Dominance versus a Low Dominance score. Combining this insight with the flowprofiler® dimensions will give recruiters the best chance of identifying how that high or low dominance is likely to appear on the job.

Let’s consider Emotional Regulation with a High Dominance as an example. People falling into the flowprofiler® overusing zone for emotional regulation are going to be difficult to read. We expect that a strong Dominance score will result in result oriented and task driven behaviour. Combined with a high score for emotional regulation this person will likely come across as holding their cards close to their chest and not let on about what they really think.

By contrast, a High Dominance score combined with an emotional regulation score falling into the flowprofiler® underusing zone will behave differently. These people will likely share exactly what is on their mind, often without filtering the content first.

Interviewing for self-awareness and self-regulation strategies will help recruiters determine how well a person will be able to adapt and self-manage their behavioural traits on the job.

The flowprofiler® interview report is full of interview questions and tips to help recruiters match candidates who are most likely to succeed in the role.

Use the flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™ to help you assess the requirements for the role.

The flowprofiler® in development

The flowprofiler® development report offers users 38 pages of content. This makes this instrument perfect for any development intervention that is focussed on resilience, motivation, engagement, emotional and social intelligence.

In addition, because the flowprofiler® is a situational psychometric test you can measure a person’s performance before their professional development programme and re-measure them 12 months later. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of the intervention as well as how well the person has responded.

Line managers are supported with the flowprofiler® management report that is full of development questions to ask. Coaches will find that both the development and management reports will provide opportunities for self-discovery and rich growth. Trainers will find the insights invaluable as you work to create an environment of learning and self-awareness.

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